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Waves is an album of music I created in the autumn of 2010 through the autumn of 2011. This music is atmospheric, ambient and highly experimental.

Many of the sounds I use, I have processed in one way or another which often makes that sound unrecognizable in my tracks from their original recordings. Ambient Monks, for example, is largely based around a recording of monks, singing in a church somewhere in Russia, and provided to me by gentlemen I met at looperman.com.

I took those simple recordings and cut them to pieces, drastically changed their “speed”, reversed sections, adjusted the pitch of others to build harmonies that did not exist in the original recording. The result is… well, that will be up to you, the listener to decide.

Please listen with a quality sound system or a decent set of earbuds/headphones. There are many subtleties to the sound that will be missed otherwise. Alternatively, being this music falls into the genre of Ambient music, you could turn it on and walk away, allowing these sounds to fill your space with an atmospheric background.

Sit back, relax and allow your imagination to flow.